System Sensor 100 series Low Profile Plug-In Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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The 2151A low-profile photoelectronic detector uses a state-of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with compatible ULC-listed control panels only. The capability of plugging the detector into a variety of special bases makes it more versatile than equivalent direct-wired models.


Size Height: 1.7 inches (43 mm)

Diameter: 4.0 inches (101 mm)

Weight: 3.6 oz. (102 g) Operating Voltage: 10 to 32 VDC Max. Avg.

Standby Current: 120uA

Operating Temperature Range: 0° to 49°C (32° to 120°F)

Operating Humidity Range: 10% to 93% Relative Humidity noncondensing Latching

Alarm: Reset by momentary power interruption.

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