B-Line Tolco 28M Pre-Galvanized Steel Offset Hanger and Restrainer, 1 in.

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Designed to be used as a hanger and restrainer for CPVC piping where the standoff design will ease installation by eliminating the need for wood blocking.

Flared edge design protects CPVC pipe from any rough or abrasive surfaces.

Unique twist and lock design holds pipe firmly in place and allows retrofit type of installation.

Can be installed on horizontal or vertical piping regardless of mounting surface orientation.

Attaches easily to wood structure with two hexagonal head self threading screws.

Installs easily using rechargeable electrical driver with 5/16 in. (7.9mm) extension socket eliminating impact tool damage to pipe.

UL Listed


Maximum hanger spacing is 6 ft.

Length:                 3 1/2in. Height 2 1/8in.

Material:               Pre-galvanized  coated steel

Fits pipe size:       1” Hole diameter 3/16in.

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