2-Piece Steel, White Adjustable Standard Cup with Skirt (6 Pack)

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2-Piece Adjustable with Weep Hole Standard Cup with Skirt, Material: 0.02 in. Cold Rolled Steel, Colour/Finish Name: Chrome-Plated, End Connection 1: IPS, Fitting Size 1: 1/2 in., Depth: 2 - 3 in., 3-1/2 in. Base Coverage


Steel cups for pendent sprinkler installations

The 2-piece adjustable sprinkler escutcheon has been designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing concealment of the sprinkler piping servicing the individual sprinkler head

The standard sprinkler escutcheon has a full 2 in. of field adjustment, making it possible to accommodate minor irregularities in ceiling to sprinkler head location

This assures complete concealment of the ceiling penetration allowing only the sprinkler to be exposed

Skirt are manufactured with two raised reliefs allowing for increased friction between the two parts when installed

Material                               0.02 in. Cold Rolled Steel
Colour/Finish Name            White
Depth                                   2 - 3 in.
End Connection 1                 IPS
Fitting Size 1                         1/2 in.

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