Mircom 24 VDC 6" Motorized Steel Bell

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Mircom’s BL-6B and BL-10B Motorized Steel Bells are designed for today’s fire alarm applications. The durable steel construction provides loud resonant tones necessary for fire alarm installations. The BL-6B and BL-10B bells use a varistor suppression element to prevent RFI and EMF noise problems to modern fire alarm control panels. The motor used on the BL-6B and BL-10B bells operate at a very low current (20 mA) to maximize the number of bells per circuit. Both models are equipped with a pigtail connection for wiring.


Low current draw (20 mA)

6 and 10 inch diameter steel shells for long term reliability

RFI and EMF suppression prevents noise problems to the fire alarm control panel

Polarized for DC supervision

Pigtail connection

Standard 4 inch square electrical box mounting

Weatherproof backbox available for outdoor applications • Red finish

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