Mini-Piezo Horn, 24VDC, White, Flush Mount

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Mircom’s MH-25 Series mini horns are compact electronic alarm appliances that are ideal for alarm signalling in individual rooms, apartments, hotels and offices where attractive appearance and dependable performance are prime concerns. When activated, the MH-25 Series mini-horns produce a high sound output of over 90 dBA at 10 feet with a minimum current draw of 15.5 milliamps at 24 VDC (unfiltered) on the non silenceable models. Designed as alert or alarm signal appliances for use with any conventional Fire Alarm Control panel, the MH-Series mini horns are available in a standard version (MH-25) and a Silenceable version (MH-S25).


• High sound output for enhanced audibility (over 90 dBA at 10 feet) @ 24VDC

• “Silence” push button and red LED to indicate “active signal circuit” on MH-S25 versions

• 24 VDC models with wide listed voltage range, filtered DC (Non Silenceable only)

• Polarized inputs for compatibility with standard reverse polarity supervision of circuit wiring by an alarm panel

• Mounts into standard single gang box

• Flush or surface mounting options

• Compatible with sensitive detection and communication circuits

• Available in red or off-white finish

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